Thursday, February 10, 2011

Egypt-The real crisis is after democracy.

Have we stopped even for a minute to think about the real effect of democracy in the Middle East or as usual are we getting carried away by the media? On want basis do we think that Egypt will be a better place with democracy? Democracy has not been successful and will not be successful in managing fundamentalism or terrorism. Democracy basically means free for all. In the name of democracy you will have chaos and complete lack of governance. I am a firm believer that every country in the Middle East needs a very strong single party/family/king/dictator governing them. It is easier for the rest of the world to deal with one strong head of a state than talk to 10 groups all of whom will claim to represent the people.

Why this crazy rush to have democracy in Egypt? And what’s the alternative to President Mubarak -the Muslim brotherhood? To quote Wikipedia, "the Society of the Muslim Brothers (often simply الإخوان Al-Ikhwān, The Brotherhood or MB) is an Islamist transnational movement and the largest political opposition organization in many Arab states. The group is the world's oldest and largest Islamic political group, and the "world's most influential Islamist movement."The Brotherhood has as its slogan "Islam is the solution"".

Is this what we want? Another country in the Middle East which will be run by fundamentalists? You already have countries which are on the edge-  Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and now we want to gift them Egypt. It is my view that the Muslim fundamentalists have played this round very well. They have used the biggest weapon that the U.S had against them- FREEDOM. U.S always used this and continues to use the phrase freedom for all as a weapon to interfere and invade other countries and now the fundamentalists are using the same slogan of FREEDOM to get to power. Imagine what will happen if the world’s largest oil producer Saudi Arabia losses its king who is a friend of the western world? Saudi will be controlled my people who hate all other religions except theirs, they believe that Israel has no right to exist, believe that women have no rights at all and not to forget their support for Pakistan when it fights with India.

I actually want to applaud this wonderful strategy that the fundamentalists have adopted.  Along with Al-Jazeera’s support these fundamentalists have created a situation, a make believe situation, where we feel that what they are asking for is correct but we are failing to understand the real motive which is behind all this and that is to create a region which will be governed by Muslim fundamentalists and which will control almost 50% of global oil. It is only a matter of time before Iran –a NUCLEAR IRAN becomes the head of the region. Is this what we want? Think about it – what after Egypt?

Let’s grow up and start thinking on our own and looking at the bigger picture. Let’s not become pawns in the hands of these new generation, smart thinking so called fighters for democracy. They have their own goals to achieve and we all know that they will most certainly not make the world a better place.


  1. The word fundamentalist is a relative term Brother, Hosni deserved what he got, the people were not happy and I am not sure if the Muslim brother hood is bringing democracy to Egypt either. The only thing I hope is that it does not end up as another Iraq.

  2. dude this is just a beginning, we have more to come from middle east!